About Indra

I have always loved to travel with my family. Time to do things we cannot do in everyday life, such as extended boat trips, TP games or going on dawn safaris together. Experiencing the world jointly and getting even closer by sharing adventures.

My absolutely best travel destination is the Maldives; nowhere else is the ocean so blue and the beaches so beautiful. At the same time I also love Japan, where we lived for a while and where I taught English courses to Japanese housewives. It was a learning experience. I am very often asked if it was difficult to adapt to life in Kyoto. I can definitely say it was not. Probably, because of the circumstances of my growing up. My father was, among other things, an editor in chief at The New York Times and later a foreign correspondent at the International Herald Tribune in Paris. This provided ample opportunities for moving around a lot. I got used to staying at hotels at an early age, and even to this day I love to enter a lobby where I have not been before. I quickly take in my surroundings — from flower arrangements to personnel efficiency and in a matter of minutes I can have an idea of how the hotel is run. It is very rare that I am not on target.

After living in New York, Copenhagen and Paris I moved to Sweden to attend Sigtuna Academy and the Stockholm School of Economics. My parents felt we should all have a good educational base and, who was I to dispute that logic. At the same time I tried my hand at working as a sales rep in travel. I loved it and I got a lift every time I could help customers to find their dream destination. My own dream was to continue working in travel but, instead, I took my master’s degree at Stockholm School of Economics and chose after that to remain at home with my children. It lasted seven years. People around me couldn’t understand my choice. They were convinced that I could not embark on a career after that. But I have always charted my own course. At times, it may have been stormy but it has always been marked by five-star resorts and luxury hotels.

When I should start working again, after my seven-year stint at home, it was hard to find the specific sales job I wanted. Headhunters felt that, with my Stockholm School of Economics background, I was overqualified. In the end, I got a maternity replacement position as an accounting assistant with Select Travel. With commitment and hard work, I advanced to Chief Economist for the entire company. I still longed for sales and marketing. And so I began to contemplate establishing my own exclusive travel agency. And now at last in my own travel agency, Memora Travel, I can finally embrace the wonderful feeling of helping people find precisely that perfect destination.Nothing is better than having my clients call me directly, once they get back home and tell me all about their travel experiences — and their dreams of planning their next trip with me.

Indra Uhmeier
+46 708 777 433